About Us

Spring WarehouseMurphy & Read Manufacturing Co. was established in 1917 by Alexander Murphy and John Read in Philadelphia, PA. Read had been trained as a locksmith in England but was unable to find work in his native country. He immigrated to America as an indentured servant to a butcher. He later met Murphy, also a locksmith, and they started a small service company specializing in locks, keys and springs. With the foundation of standardized locks by Yale, Murphy and Read changed their concentration to manufacturing springs. Read’s son-in-law Charles Seemuller later took over the business. Today the factory is run by 5th generation owners Theodore Seemuller and Stephen Seemuller.


Part of what makes Murphy & Read such a successful supplier is our ability to adapt to an ever-changing market. We service virtually every industry. From small one-man machine shops to world-renowned manufactures, packaging machinery to applications on the Hubble telescope and Space Shuttle, our quality and dedication to our work has benefited millions. Our customers are found on every continent on the planet. If there is one policy that defines our philosophy, it is the conviction that there is no substitution for quality workmanship and superior customer service.

ISO 9001 Certification